Washington County, Oregon
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Washington County Department of Land Use & Transportation’s 300-plus employees focus on building and maintaining a great transportation system and planning and protecting the uses of the land. With such a monumental task, Washington County relies on its workforce and that of its future pool of team members to get the job done.

Unfortunately, their web presence for recruitment didn’t do them the justice they deserved; they needed to re-invigorate their website. My goals were to establish a user-friendly website that presents them as an authority that effectively serves it’s citizens of the community.

Project Overview

Redesign, refresh, return to results

The old website they were relying on was severely outdated, both in content and technology. Their user experience was compromised with busy visuals and analytics were indicating that users would quickly leave after the first page’s visit. Also, the user’s time on site was limited and repeat visits were slim in comparison to their overall traffic numbers. Simply put, users weren’t finding what they were after. As a result, we set our primary goals to align with their users’ needs first.

To ensure a better user experience, user personas were created. This allowed me to design a workflow tailored to our targeted user’s needs. 3 major components were implemented to achieve this:

  • A home page job board with current openings  (for quick seekers)
  • Q & A  functionality for quick answers  (for prospects ready to apply)
  • Job opening notification sign ups (for interested applicants of future openings)

Additionally, this redesign lifted the county onto the forefront of website technology. With HTML 5, CSS3 and a mobile-responsive platform that’s powered by WordPress, Washington County Department of Land Use & Transportation is now able to finally use their online career recruitment website as a useful business tool.

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Hi, I’m a digital designer with over 10 years of experience designing and managing web and print projects for all types of businesses around the country. I create beautiful and effective visual content that helps solve some pretty complex business problems. Out of my love for the beauty of design, my devotion for functionality and structure evolved. Jumping right into Photoshop just doesn’t feel quite accurate. I take steps to build a framework based on functionality, usability and performance.

I’m a border-line obsessive-compulsive that is fixated on architecture, cars and the outdoors. I was formerly Sr. Graphic Designer at Washington County, Oregon, Course Director for Full Sail University, New Media Designer for Ripley Entertainment, Creative Director for TwoThink, Project Lead for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Crew Member for The Montana Conservation Corps – an AmeriCorps program.

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Video Editing
Microsoft Excel
Photo Retouching
Adobe Creative Cloud
Social Media Management

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